All ITS related travel cost reporting and reimbursements are routed through the Business Office for approval. Please review the Travel & Entertainment Policy and Procedures (link found below) before submitting a travel request or expense report for travel reimbursements.

Travel Process:  Anthony Travel and Concur


With a commercial look and feel, backed by a 24/7 Travel Management Company (Anthony Travel), Concur will allow you to request pre-approval for travel, book travel, and easily complete your expense report for quick reimbursement.  Concur also affords you the peace of mind knowing you are covered under the University’s Duty of Care system.  Click here for more information:  Travel Program Improvements

For Concur Log-in click here Concur Travel

For Concur Training Reference Material click here  Concur Training Reference Material

To obtain a University Travel Card, a traveler must complete online Travel Card training, achieving a score of  85% (or greater), print your certificate of completion, and then complete the Travel Card Request form (attaching the Travel Card certificate) which will automatically route for approval.  Both can be done here:




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